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There are currently 67,700 social sites and over 469,000,000 Blogs and 166,000,000 on-line game sites currently on the Internet with more being added every day. Each one of these sites are being used by the bad elements of the Internet to shop for the next victims.

Keeping in mind that the average pedophile will victimize 124 children before being investigated for the first time. They often use Social sites, blogs and gamming sites to interact with your children. Here are some of the sites everyone has heard of, with a good possibility your son or daughter already uses them unprotected.

Myspace has contacted Chief Chip LLC with an interest in supporting our solution for Internet safety. Parents and children can now remove the scary dangers of the Internet. Get your Cruiser ID today! Click on the Chief Chip Cruiser ID to get more information on this revolutionary way to keeping your child safe.



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