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Welcome concerned Parents.

The Chief Chip Program is all about protecting your family online. Everyday thousands of new websites are created. Many of these sites have undesireable information and images that shouldn't be viewed by children.
There are also places on the internet called "chatrooms", websites where people talk with each other using their keyboards. The requirements for joining a chatroom vary, but all too often there are no requirements... anyone can join!

The internet is a permanent fixture in today's society. As your children grow they will use the internet more and more, helping them with everything from homework to researching colleges and universities, and ultimately to help find a job. Rather than avoid having them use the internet while they are young, or worse still, gamble that they'll know where not to go, education is the key to safe viewing.
Our goal is to teach your family how to navigate through the maze of websites and chatrooms, giving you the tools and information needed to protect your children as they discover and travel the amazing world wide web.

Chief Chip is here to  help!

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