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Criminals watch for this sign!Realtors servicing Lake Norman have a need for someone to be watching the listed properties that are vacant on the lake. Since July there were over 80 homes vacant on the lake that had an asking price of over $1,000,000. A reality sign advertises what homes are for sale on the lake but also points out what ones are good locations to break into.

Municipalities with parks and property on the lake that are too small to have their own coverage or the need for additional coverage. Being a retired police officer I am aware of the short comings, through no fault of the agencies, of municipal law enforcement patrols. With the ever shrinking budgets and the demand for more services from the officers that are on the road something has to give.

Alarm Companies servicing Lake Norman have a tremendous business and large asset base to protect. With the moving trends by law enforcement not to respond to a property that has had 3 false alarms, the alarm and home owner need another option. We would offer the same service that has been very popular in California for years. When an alarm comes in, the Blue Shield Boat Patrol would respond first to verify an actual alarm or a false alarm. If it as an actual alarm we would notify local law enforcement to respond and if the criminal is still on the property we would detain the suspect under the previsions of N.C.G.S. 74c until law enforcement arrives on the scene.